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  • Who can open a securities trading account with HDFC Securities?
    Any Indian resident/Non-resident individual (not US-based) or Indian corporate can register with HDFC Securities Ltd for trading. Currently, overseas corporate bodies (OCBs) cannot open an account with HDFC Securities. To become a registered user of HDFC Securities, you will have to first open a savings/current account and demat account with HDFC Bank.
  • Are there any registration/account opening charges?
    Account Opening charges
    The current account opening charges are Rs 999 only.
    Bank charges & Depository Participant charges..read more
  • How do I track my application status?
    You will be allotted a Unique Docket Number (UDN) upon receipt of your application. This UDN helps us serve you better as it allows us to keep track and check the status of your account opening form at any point in time.
  • How safe are my user ID and password?
    The generated user identity and password are kept in a different server, which cannot be accessed through the Internet. Only our authorisation engine can access the user ID and password, and no one can manually or electronically access it. Also, the clients' user ID and password are encrypted while travelling through the Internet, as 128-bit encryption and SSL (secured socket layer) technology are in use.
    SSL forms a secure tunnel for information, which ensures that that no one can gain access to the information being shared by the client over the net. The 128-bit encryption encrypts every alphabet or number typed by the client on his/her computer while transacting at our site. Currently, 128-bit encryption is the strongest form of encryption available, and to date, there have been no reports of any hacking incidents through it.
  • Can I start trading once my account is activated?
    Yes, you may, provided you have the funds in your bank account or stocks with your depository participant.
  • How many bank and depository accounts can I link to a trading account?
    You can link up to five HDFC Bank saving bank accounts and five HDFC Bank demat accounts to your trading account.
  • Do I need an email address in order to open an account with HDFCsec?
  • How do I become a customer at HDFCsec?
    First you need to register with us. You could also mail us your registration request. Or the registration could be made on our site at Register now.
    You can also register with us through our partner web site : www.hdfcbank.com
    If you do not already have a savings account and your depository participant (DP) or demat account with HDFC Bank, then you will need to open these accounts. They can be opened when you open your account with HDFCsec.
    Once the documentation is over and the account opening procedure has been successful, you will be intimated by regular mail stating the same along with your account number, user name and password.
  • How long does it take to open an account?
    It takes between two to five working days for an account to be opened, depending on the type of account.
    More details..
  • What documents are required to open an account?
    The following documentation is required for opening an account with us :
    1] Our Account Opening form
    2] Non-Mandatory Rights & Obligations as applicable
    3] Power of attorney as per format
    More details..
  • I have submitted my application, what happens next?
    Your application is processed at our central processing unit (CPU) and is forwarded to HDFC Bank for linking/ opening of the Bank and Depository accounts. Once the savings and DP accounts are opened, your securities trading account is opened and the details of all your accounts and your Telephone Identification Nos. (TIN), Passwords etc. are sent to you. In case your application is not processed because of any missing details, you will be contacted by our representative.
  • When can i receive the payout of Funds / Securities ?
    Payout of Funds / Securities is credited within a business days time post receipt of the funds / securities from the exchange. As an internal practice we try and effect the payout in T+2 business days.
  • How do I get my user ID and password?
    The user ID will be sent to you once we open your account along with all the account details. The password and TIN will be despatched to you separately by secured mail.
  • If I have forgotten my password, what should I do?
    One can generate the password online or contact customer care by sending a request to reset your password following which a new password will be sent to you.
    Email :
    Online Password Generation : Visit to Generate Password.
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